No it’s nOt freaking okay. I’m not okay for fucks sake. I feel bad for whoever isn’t asked if there alright and still manage to ask as if they are. And for all those people I believe you are strong as heck okay. I know everyone wants someone who cares in there life and are afraid of saying anything. You know why cause if you say what’s wrong you get judged and criticized. Of course I’m not as cool as that other girl,I know I’m not social like her,and I know for a fact I’m not the type to carry a conversation. It makes me sooooo so UPSET when I see people get asked “what’s wrong” “are you okay” I hardly get asked that never mind cross that I never do. Am I not special like the other person didn’t know you had to he certified a friend to ask if they’re fine. You guys are all strangers to me but dang I don’t want to see any of you guys/girls sad. So I’m asking this to everyone are you okay?is everything fine I’m always a message away I will stay up all night trying to help make you feel better don’t be afraid I’m sorry for this ;-; but I’m serious what’s better then venting to a stranger?nothing so go ahead



Here we go, tumblr give away! I barely wear band shirts anymore and I don’t need them sitting around taking up space so I might as well give them away to someone who wants them!

2 Mayday Parade shirts(Size M)
2 Tonight Alive shirts(Size M)
Citizen shirt(Size M)
The Story So Far shirt(Size L)
2 Anarbor shirts (one is large, other is medium)
2 All Time Low shirts(Size M)
Zack Merrick shirt(Size M)
Forever the Sickest Kids shirt(Size M)
The Front Bottoms shirt(Size M)
Tigers Jaw shirt(Size S)
The Summer Set shirt(Size L)
The Maine shirt(Size L)
Hey Monday shirt(Size M)
Versaemerge shirt(Size L)
Four Year Strong shirt(Size M)
Fall Out Boy shirt(Size M)

Two Rules: all you must do is reblog this post, and follow me (things I will be checking for!)
Someone will be chosen by September 6th! Good luck ❤️